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Ball´N Chain - Radio BNC (Album CD)

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Release 2017


1. Introduction (by Stewart Hall)
2. How Do You Dance A Bop ?
3. Before My Time
4. Introduction
5. Queen Elena
6. Spit It Out
7. Busy Busy
8. Introduction
9. Lonesome Dreamer
10. Introduction
11. You Never Walk Alone
12. Introduction
13. Boogaloo Bop
14. Introduction
15. Candyplan
16. Can´t Complain
17. Introduction
18. Hide & Seek

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Means to be bound as much as.
It does not matter whether the musicians are tied to the music of the 50s or the audience to the musicians.
One thing is certain, the three musicians have fun and joy of well-played rockabilly music.
Ball 'n' Chain with Marc on vocals & doublebass, Patrick on drums and Stefan on the guitar, do not just master their instruments, but also the multi-voice singing invites for dancing and singing.
Since 2007, Ball 'n' Chain have played at major festivals but also in small clubs and it is a pleasure to find the musicians in the middle of their audience.
Ball 'n' Chain has been an integral part of Backfire Records since 2017.